Rachel Basye Fine Art Printmaking


My artwork began in the 1990s with black and white photography. I moved to alternative photographic techniques such as cyanotype, including printing on fabric.  Ultimately, I expanded my media to printmaking, where I have been able to use a combination of my photographs and old family photographs as the basis for intaglio plates.

Today, I primarily work with light sensitive polymer plates which allow me to create plates with extremely fine details. I incorporate paper and other elements into my pieces through a process called chine colle, which allows me to add textures beyond what ink alone can do.

I have also done some woodblock prints and screenprints. All of the methods are appealing to me and pulling a print still makes me smile.

Past themes of my work include family history, womanhood and nature.  Recently, I have been captured by the idea of place as displayed through maps.

In addition to making two dimensional prints, I have also explored book forms. I enjoy the physical interaction a book requires of the viewer.

Please feel free to browse my photo gallery and share your thoughts about what you see.